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Founder / CEO


Dwayne "MUFFLA" Simon

   Multi-Platinum Producer, Writer, Director

Co-Founder LA Posse Productions


Earl "EARLEON" Hartdige

    Being a private soul and a man of few words, he likes to stay out of the limelight often stating "I JUST WANT TO PLAY MUSIC" and always points to the sky if asked where he gets his talent so merging with Covert Entertainment Soundworks was a perfect match. He literally spends days in the lab effortlessly creating at a pace that would emotionally drain your average A-List producer..."He just kicks genius down the street like an empty can". His musical range has yet to be challenged and he is always looking for that sick, outside of the box, "it factor" project whether lyrically, musically. or inspired. What separates him from MOST current producers is he actually plays instruments versus sampling. It's amazing how he composes and arranges and if you're lucky enough to get a peek of him at work It's like attending a private get your cameras out, you just saw the UFO, the Unidentified Funky One........EARLEON!


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